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Talks & Media

October 2021

Conference presentation of the first study in my dissertation, describing the experiences of people who configured their Memorialization Settings on Facebook.

October 2021

An article by Elizabeth Hernandez describing the current state of online account management when people die, featuring interviews with me and my advisor, Dr. Jed Brubaker.

August 2021

The official defense of my doctoral dissertation, "How to Delete the Dead" to my committee, colleagues, and loved ones. I present 5 years of research about existing and possible features to handle the social media data of deceased people. This recording skips the Q&A from the committee and audience.

August 2021

Journalist Steven Blum interviewed me about how Facebook's newsfeed algorithms can affect grieving people.

January 2021

A short talk about my ongoing dissertation research, in which I conduct deletion rituals with people who are managing a deceased loved one's digital affairs. Two peer-reviewed journal articles about this research are available here:

October 2020

A guest lecture and Q&A about social support on social media with students in Dr. Oliver Haimson's course "Interpersonal and Psychological Implications of Social Media"

April 2019

Ten years after graduating from Kansas State University, I returned to speak to the graduating seniors in Anthropology about my career path in Christian missions, graduate school, and user experience research.

December 2017

A video interview and article by Lisa Marshall summarizing my research about grief policing on social media after celebrity deaths. Research publication details:

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